Knuffelbeestje (cuddlebeastie)

I appear to be on a lucky streak – three wonderful things at once.

After a fantastic weekend riding on trains and watching indie-pop bands in Derbyshire, the man I love asked me to marry him on Monday morning. And I said YES!

Neither of us come from particularly successful marriages. And I think, before we met each other, neither of us believed in marriage. I still don’t “believe in it” in the way I thought I would. I mean, I still think relationships can and should come in all sizes and colours and what not, and sometimes, because I’m human, I miss running around single being irresponsible. But M is kind of integral now. I seem to be more productive, more creative, more loved, happier and freer in this relationship than out of it.

Anyway, I think I shall follow my Grandfather’s example. He never looks more at home than at a celebration. And I think, there is no better sign of greatness, generosity of spirit, than the readiness to celebrate at the drop of a hat. Like celebration is the natural state of the blissful soul. Embracing the world and art and all things, not being mean or cruel or bitter. At the end of Shakespeare’s comedies, when the lovers all marry and it’s a beautiful evening in Athens, and the night is full of stars and nightingales and wildflowers and fairies lighting the way to the marriage bed and LA LA LA!

And I get to wear my grandmother’s ring!

My second piece of good news is that I got accepted onto a course at the Brighton Journalist Works. So I will be learning how to be a hack! I will board with my godmother in Brighton and come back to my family home on weekends. M will be living in the loft, and being fussed over by Mum, who thinks he’s a waif and wants feeding up. And I will be learning shorthand, and how to avoid libel laws, and reading The Rum Diaries.

And thirdly, one of my best friends is about to have a baby! Next post, perhaps??

I am still working on my *top-secret project* which I hope I can share with everyone soon. For now, meet my new sewing creation. He is a knuffelbeestje, as yet unnamed.