Laish Tour Dates

I am going on tour!

And I am excited. I had a great practice tonight with Danny, where everything started to click and sound freaking awesome, and so I think it’s really happening. Anyway, here are the tour dates:

OCTOBER (with support from Curly Hair and * with Martha Rose)

22nd Oct: Miss Peapods, Falmouth*

23rd: Calderbanks Farm, Devon*

24th: The Folk House (OXJAM TAKEOVER), Bristol

25th: Rescue Rooms, Nottingham*

26th: Cumberland Arms, Newcastle

27th: Bloc Bar, Glasgow

29th: Village Hall, Kirkpatrick Durham, Scotland

30th: Big Blue Coffee Company, Derby

31st: Lewes Arms, Lewes

NOVEMBER: two album launch parties…

6th Nov: Notting Hill Arts Club, London @ 4pm *

13th Nov: Westhill Hall, Brighton*

Beautiful lovely friends, it would mean so much to me if you’d come along! Journalist friends, perhaps you could come to the Lewes gig? Celia and Graham and Sunbeam, Devon? Londoners, come to Notting Hill Arts Club?

Incidentally, October 24th is also my twenty-sixth birthday. I have had some excellent birthdays, like the one I had when I was living in a Greek bookshop. But, I think this one might be my favourite. I am madly in love, I am doing what I want with my life, and I get to run around the UK, drink beer, eat chips and play the flipping banjo! Heaven.


P.S. How wonderful is the Chilean Miners story? I am up way past my bedtime watching it right now… Pedro Cortez, the 31st miner, is out. Watching them emerge from the depths of the mountain has been really moving, because really it’s not just a story about 33 miners. 😉