I’m a Koestler Mentor! And a liver lover!

I found out yesterday that I’ve been accepted as a Koestler Arts Mentor. This means that I’ll be mentoring someone during their first year of being released from prison. The Koestler Trust offer mentorship in about a gazillion art forms (well, 59), and epic-hero-potter Grayson Perry has judged their annual art competition. I’m going to be a music mentor! You can find out about the trust here.


Me & M are on a health kick at the moment. I’ve started juicing vegetables, and he is drinking freshly-squeezed lemon juice in hot water every morning. Both are very good for your liver. Let us stop for a moment to consider the wonder of the liver. It’s the biggest organ in the body, and it filters all of your blood every five minutes. It does hundreds of different things, from breaking down toxins to making proteins, hormones and lots of the bits and bobs you need for digestion. Let us all be grateful that we have been blessed with such lovely livers. Take a moment and give it a little pat (right hand side, underneath the ribs). Say thank you. Thank you liver.

I’m a glass of vegetable juice, and I’m a liver lover!