You are cordially invited to track something
out through the bush
(meat) : troublesome and tumoural
grinds in the mucal segment of tract
gristle/ tissue
if by needle,
altered the lightcrawl
ocean or evil.

To visualise distant vessels more clearly,
from this moment onwards, I promise that.
Leaving for Paris, headaches & finches
in the mosque in the 5th.
Holding my hand. Or put to sleep,
in carefully labelled comfortless blankets.

Planesong. A throwing weapon. Dollar$ gone.
What’s more, and clinging to my knees in tears,

embryonic vectors fruited unseen.
A large
single dose. But anyway, always
it’s you the most.

Take you a because, to know
Why, when, now. Pituitary gland
clothes the issue: matelasse, brocade, damask
and pulling the warp heads clear of the weft
In storms of volcanic ash
Unrobing the tremulous head
They’re cancelling the

I have told you some things.
On the day you leave, I want to/
this way, I will be safe.
will convince you to give
me/for your sake. But
when I am with you
if we decide
as the years go by, I don’t.
mean? You will really know
kind of a lost puppy
bear, such an awful —
and more, from losing you!
Please give me this.
Your face is bruised
and junkful. Hoodstart, smack, stairwells.
And the usual sad line-up of crack-heads slept
all through the burning sun.