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One of my poems is up on Magpie Magazine’s website, which you can check out here!

So, yesterday I stopped dithering around, and I made a¬†facebook page for my music, and am currently trying to break into my MySpace page so I can update it, but I’ve forgotten all my passwords and email addresses. This whole “internet presence” thing is so long overdue it’s ridiculous. I have to just stop being such a wimp.

I played at the Red Roaster the last two nights. Nice to have a lie in this morning, even if the woman on Desert Island Discs right now has the most terrible music taste.


(partly for Al Hammond’s garden circa 2002, partly for David Attenborough’s narrations, red in tooth and claw.)

Weep. whoop a tough throb

stumble stone-limbed to the barn.

call for churches in vain

white walls, green leaves

and like angels the bursting in

of mechanical notes.

old fingers into young balm.

crush which sits in the palm.

of self. i heard echoes that were not my own!

in an aeroplane over the sea

breathing like an engine. of self.

star-particles of certainty.

the drifting grasses take off their shoes.

in the darkness

one black eyelash sticks to your damp cheek

somewhere over europe, and heading terribly away

and further.

sleep, and i will weep like a bird for the scope of the sky

weighed down by two super-long tail feathers, tipped with cumbersome discs.