On the night you burned through your first fever

A demon chased you down a valley of hellfire

His huge beast claws clutched you

And raised you blistering skywards


And we touched you with river hands and cooled you with possets

And waved runes over your little lamb locks

And the demon belched louder

And twisted your arms out from their sockets


I called NHS Direct and spoke to Alan

Who told me there’s no such thing

as possession and

to use the medicines as labelled and to

make contact with a primary care provider

in the morning


And I swore in the silent presence

of the primary care provider

I’d make contact in the morning


Gone ten, sudden rain came

yammering in from the ocean

hammering windows flung open.

And the mercury dropped in the glass.


Then we all breathed out, in the draft

Of some great leathery wing

That passed on, over our bloodmarked doorframes

Over our lives, unseeing, unseen.


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