thank fuck for you huh

b/cause my other humour is childish

and unkissing exposes it

and someone might have a kick at it


that’s why i’m always listing what i have

and have not got

where my teeth should be, just slots

no licking licks, but listing.  


gets harder to fill and harder, by falling,

the chasm of island stars

whether in bar by brawling, bribery

fucking.boxing.bad guitar


or by sitting in quietly.

by reading spiritly

and growing cabbagy

writing not one singable song

that was not also wrong.


then this is harder than it looks

nowhere else at all you imagine

ever had forests/mountains/tao

no one had a singing voice


they could put out of a window

in californian like a canary

that would carry anything.


b/c no one ever washed their dishes and sang

stop believing in the power of Fairy Liquid


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