i have never been this far before

i have never been this far before.


although i have ever wondered

about being

of our ancestry

of our horizon where the clouds lay sleeping dogs

being of our forty generations and what came after

and the three men from the east who came after

the star were imaginary fathers,

and the three devils with worn shoes, they tramped after

and the three moons over the pines were my mothers

they left eggs and needles

all over the beaches,

under my fathers’ fragile moustaches!


i do not know what it looked like

when everything trumped itself

all the cockles warmed

a blood kindle cook-up with all their relations

in a big cookpot

when the vine in autumn with the

first l’ve

kissed with wet lips

or how the apples fell


but i went down to the water and i washed my face

among the clusters of crop

…start counting now

and do not stop until either you die

or something is forgiven

the long lines go further forever to the granaries at the end of the world.


i called out the fish and they came with their arms full of soft white glass

they were not hungry

if there is no need

there is no stumblinglight

and this world isn’t mine after all

but what it is comes to you slowly in shambles

and only when you’re ready.



now the horses are in the hills

the bees are ripe every one

you, drawn by the moon on a flickering wing

of my hair each strand where

peaches grow

even in winter


and still in time with each other.



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