Charlton Heston is hiding my peace in his beard

sure as a drum skin

flatten, grasses, see the sun’s

horizontal eye closing.

come to the edge of the water, Pharoah

for the voices of the crickets are under your skin,


the brown rocks the dry remains

of your generations, their golden blood

is the mouth of the mud that snaps at your ankles.


come to the edge with

a thousand lost empires in your ruby teeth, Pharaoh,

and gnash until your mouth bleeds.

the exodus goes on without you,

whether or not you can bring yourself to say it.


You Ruin of the Orchestras, blot out

the desert’s whispers under Your Thunderous Sunset!

and on the looms of trumpets

gather the tatters of Israel into a cloth

flung open on a thigh.

open the gates

let slip secrets.

(like how to love without envy,

how to walk without legs, righteously,

how to rejoice in the promise of apples

how to follow maps inside your heart

how to have trust and not be broken)


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