insect lessons

Get on and do the things you have to do because no one else can do them and they will remain undone unless you do something about it. The silences in conversations are filled with the imperceptible buzzings of the undone things.


Better the real than the unreal. At least, busy yourself up to your elbows in the real – however scary, get your hands dirty – and do not concern yourself with the unreal. A whole rabble of butterflies sometimes turns up at once, but rarely when you’re watching TV.


On that note, stay away from the wrong kinds of electricity (lightbulbs), go towards the right kind (moon).


Don’t worry if you have to wait a long time.

Don’t think you are not capable of transformation.

Nothing is beneath you, nothing is above you.

Do not expect immortality.

Do not expect a poem to live longer than a day.

Don’t resort to biting people when things do not turn out how you want.


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