WTF festival is happening on Saturday at my old house. Both me and Michael are playing – life after marriage! Also some great friends and bandfriends and friendbands.

Make Do and Mend

A sound field powered by the elements, re-imagined furniture, a fashion show, the smart phone orchestra, shoe shining, live wall collage, toy hacking, durational jigsaw and found slide stories are some of the many works on offer in this extraordinary arts festival that cannot be missed.

In this time of austerity in which art organisations are operating on slashed budgets and artists have dwindling financial support from both the public and private sectors, this festival imagines an art world that loosens it’s ties with money. Make Do and Mend rejects the commodification of the art object and invites alternative modes of artistic practice.

Site-specific works and interactive performances will create a playground for visitors to discover. An exploration of these enchanting gardens will reveal interventions, installations and sculptures consisting of materials that are ephemeral, discarded or borrowed. A live music stage will host an eclectic mix of music. From Bunty ‘s live looping antics and electronic maestros AKDK to Balkan folk singers Bare foot Howlers and dark strung songs from Kristin McClement and many more acts.

*Artists confirmed:
Anne Parfitt
Aztec Factory
Barefoot Howlers
Ben Beasley
Chris Parkinson
Cosmetic Surgery booth
Danny Bright
Fixy T-shirts
Joanna Goddard
Kate Duncan & Lisa Turner Wray
Kristin McClement
Marina Sossi
Matt Kilpatrick
Morgan Cahn
Panos Dimitropoulos
Patrick Burton
Paula Davy
P.I.P. Partnership
Smart Phone Orchestra
Sylvia Saunders Shoe Shine
Tamar Daly
Tape Orchestra
Timothy Didymus


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