Bee King

I’m currently recording this song all properlike with Danny for my upcoming EP, but I get too excited about new things to wait. So here’s a rough recording I made of the new song (lyrics are about three posts down). Clickety-click lickedy-split pop-pickers —>

Bee King

Lie still, lie quiet, see, the sun has appeared

Go out, and take your hat, all the bees are hungry

The quiet places

All the bees salute their king, kik-kiri-keee!
All the bees salute their king
Their smiles are wide and gold

The quiet places

And February has made the first steps on your ground
She lights a candle

Your name is known, and passed about, among the branches.

It’s a grey day here, and we’re all trying to meet various deadlines, and M has gone to “expend his nervous energy” which means serious, manly stomping. Stompy stomp. And it’s time for lunch.

LOVE x x x


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