Laish do “Songs from the Shed” feeling reaaaally ill

Hello! Sorry for the long gap… I have been busy finishing my journalism exams, and moving into a beautiful new house in the country.

And now I’m venturing boldly out into the barren wastes of the recession to hunt the elusive Job. Hmmm. :-/

However, the really exciting thing is how much practising and recording I’ve been doing with Danny. Lots and lots of takes but I think the new songs will end up sounding reaaally awesome.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to put up the videos from the session we did at Songs in the Shed in October. We were really so ill. Danny looks consumptive and I am wearing pyjamas and trying not to cough. But actually I think the recordings have a kind of, y’know, rough beauty? Rough, consumptive, beauty?

If you would like to learn more about Songs from the Shed then here’s a nice feature in the Guardian. 🙂

P.S. Last night I dreamed I was writing obituaries for mountains. There is a whole heap of symbolism there I’m sure. It was a very beautiful dream though.


One thought on “Laish do “Songs from the Shed” feeling reaaaally ill

  1. Mountains ARE dying, actually. In the States, at least, we have learned how to kill mountains, an shameful but true accomplishment.

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