Gold Diggah (FOLKED!)

I really am feeling very cheery. This may be the reason I decided to see if I could make a recording of Kanye West’s Gold Digger. This, I think, will be the only time you’ll EVER hear me rap. Click this liddle linky and go hear it!

Gold Diggah (FOLKED!)

Banjo/ukulele/voices/suitcase c/o Enid Steals.

Background translating/fixing of indeterminate feedback c/o Minreel Bayron.

Me in my studio, sippin Krystal!

I spent this afternoon at Sports Day with my form group. I expected it to be 3 hours of baking in the sun. Actually, it turned into 1 hour baking in the sun, and the rest of the time dealing with what we “Professional Teachers” call “An Incident”. Which means Girl X attacked Girl Y in the bathrooms and left scratchmarks all over her neck.

Flesh wounds aside, I have one more day left, and I am very happy. Besides, it also looks like M and I will be off to Indietracks festival this weekend to be Members Of The Press. Lovely Helen and Lynnabeth at For Folk’s Sake are letting me write a review for them. Here’s the line up:

THE PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART/ THE POOH STICKS / THE PRIMITIVES/ TENDER TRAP / EVERYBODY WAS IN THE FRENCH RESISTANCE…NOW!/ Allo Darlin’, Antarctica Takes It!, Ballboy, Be Like Pablo, Betty and The Werewolves, Boy Genius, The Blanche Hudson Weekend, The Callas, The Cannanes, The Cavalcade, Cineplexx, Cowtown, Clint Play People, David Tattersall, The Felt Tips, Foxes!, Internet Forever, The Give It Ups, The Hillfields, Jam On Bread, The Just Joans, La La Love You, Lime Chalks, Linda Guilala, The Loves, Mexican Kids At Home, Micktravis, The Middle Ones, TheMillipedes, MJ Hibbett & the Validators, Paisley & Charlie, Pale Sunday, The Parallelograms, The Orchids, Onward Chariots, Red Shoe Diaries, Sarandon, Secret Shine, Shrag, Springfactory, Slow Club, The Smittens, Socialist Leisure Party (solo set), The Specific Heats, Standard Fare, Stars In Coma, Stars of Aviation, The Sunny Street, This Many Boyfriends, Urbantramper, Veronica Falls, White Town, Winston Echo, Yokoko. Indiepop discos by: Offbeat, ComeOut2Nite, Astrogirl, How Does It Feel To Be Loved? Soul & Sixties, Feeling Gloomy, Attagirl, Crimes Against Pop, Pic ‘n’ Mixx
My other achievement this evening was erecting my tent in a graveyard.

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